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Open Recruitment
An open recruitment allows for all applicants to apply for a particular recruitment.

County/Department Promotional Recruitments
Sometimes departments will have a position that requires previous Social Services or Child Support Services experience (for example a Social Worker III, or Child Support Specialist III). In these cases and other situations, it can sometimes be beneficial for a department to run a promotional, in-house recruitment. The recruitment may be for current county employees, or for current departmental employees.

Permanent Part-Time
Sometimes a department has a permanent position, but the time base is only part-time (i.e., 20 hours/week). The bulletin will indicate whether a position is part-time and the time base.

Extra Help - Limited Term/Intermittent
At times, a department will need an employee for a shortened time frame, or to work on an “as needed” basis. A department may use an existing eligible list to find people to fill these special assignments, or CPS HR will conduct a recruitment.

Limited term positions are those where the work will only last for a certain time period (e.g., three months, six months, etc.). These assignments are often to complete a project for which the department needs additional help.

Intermittent positions are those where a department needs someone to help out on an as needed basis and the work schedule will be varied. In both instances, if CPS HR conducts a recruitment to fill these needs, the job bulletin will indicate that the position is limited term or intermittent.

Merged Recruitments
Sometimes a department wishes to merge a new group of applicants onto an existing eligible list. The bulletin will indicate if an eligible list is going to be merged. The same examination process must be followed for both applicant groups. If a written examination was administered in order to establish the first list, the same version of the written examination will be used. If a structured oral examination was administered the first time, the same structured oral examination will be administered for the second group of applicants. If the structured oral examination was not held initially due to the low number of applicants, it is sometimes necessary to hold a structured oral examination for both applicant groups after the second recruitment. Applicants on the initial list will be contacted if a merge is going to occur, and they do not need to re-apply for the position.