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The following are some tips for completing and submitting an application for career opportunities in an Inter-Agency Merit county. This information is provided to encourage your full and accurate completion of the application as a key step in the selection process. An incomplete application can affect your continuation in the selection process, so take your time and make sure the application represents your qualifications well. Resumes are not accepted.

Before you begin the application:
Because the application requires specific information about your work experience and/or educational background, before you actually begin the application it is a good idea to have ready access to some information or documents that will help you complete the application. Some of this information includes:

  • Current college transcripts showing courses completed, academic units (semester or quarter units) completed, and the actual or projected dates for degree completion.
  • Applicants who completed their education outside of the United States must submit verification of degree and/or course equivalency by the application deadline. To find more information on degree verification, please click here.
  • A current resume or previous employment application to remind you of dates of previous employment, job titles held, the name and title of your current and previous supervisor(s), and job duties you have had.
  • A copy of current or previous job descriptions and/or class specifications for jobs you have held detailing your job duties and responsibilities.
  • A copy of or access to the job bulletin for the position for which you are applying to confirm that you do indeed meet the minimum requirements for the position and to confirm the deadline for submitting an application.

Before you submit the application:

  • Have you fully completed any supplemental questions or class lists that are part of the application? Failure to complete these may prevent you from continuing in the selection process.
  • Is the application fully completed—have you included start and end dates for employment, whether you have completed college degrees or key job duties of current or previous positions? Job titles alone cannot tell us about the range of experience you may have, so a full explanation of duties is critical.
  • If multiple positions were held, list each position separately as an individual entry. Example, Social Worker I, II, III would be listed as three different job entries.
  • Are employment or education dates accurate? Is the work experience full-time or less than full-time?