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As a Child Support Specialist you may be required to take actions that conflict with your own values. A Child Support Specialist must be able to accept clients' differences and interact with them in a non-judgmental manner. Some of the controversial issues encountered in a Child Support environment include:

  • Enforcing mandatory guideline child support orders that may not seem reasonable
  • Attaching the wages of non-custodial parents who then allege they will not be able to support their current family
  • Negatively impacting a non-custodial parent's credit rating
  • Intercepting state and federal tax returns
  • Revoking driver's licenses, required employment and professional licenses, and passports
  • Clients who do not wish to be cooperative
  • Clients in a highly emotional or irate mental state
  • Custodial parents involved in Welfare fraud
  • Clients who are domestic violence victims
  • Clients with felony convictions
  • Homeless individuals and families
  • Clients whose life style, culture, and/or values may be significantly different than your own
  • Mandatory reporting of child and adult abuse