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Amador is blessed with spectacular scenery, from the lush Shenandoah Valley wine country to the central oak-studded hillsides and the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains. Its 568 square miles rises form 200 feet in elevation to 9,000. It is the smallest rural county in the state.

Amador is among the last in the state offering a genuine, uncommercialized glimpse of the past. The historic buildings and covered sidewalks are, for the most part, just as they were a century ago. Residents take great pains to keep it that way.

The most well known attraction is Daffodil Hill. Each spring it explodes with blooms from over 300,000 bulbs from 300 varieties, attracting visitors' from around the world.

The County offers wine-tasting at eighteen wineries, fishing and other water recreation at nine lakes and reservoirs, play and leisure at thirty six parks and/or campgrounds, and art at ten galleries.

Forest products, viticulture, livestock, hydroelectric generation, and tourism generate income for this population of approximately 30,000.

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