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Welcome to the northwestern tip of California! A nickname for the County is "where the Redwoods meet the Sea".

There are three species of Redwoods in the world, two of which grow in California. The Sequoia Sempervirens, better known as the Coast Redwoods, grow in a narrow coastal strip stretching just north of the California-Oregon border to just south of Big Sur on the central Coast. They are the tallest living things on Earth. The tallest reaches a height of 367 feet and is located in Del Norte County's Redwood National Park. The park has been designated as a World Heritage Site as well as a United Nations Biosphere Reserve Unit.

The county is located in one of the few rain forests in the temperate region. Come stand in a grove of 2,000-year-old trees and experience the grandeur.

At oceanside enjoy the lighthouses, the rocky coastline, beaches, crustacean and salmon festivals, the World championship crab races or the longboard surf classic.

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