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Most of the nation's salads, whether lettuce, fruit, or vegetable, come from the miles of fertile farmland in the Imperial Valley. It is the enchanting, sun-drenched, southeastern corner of California, bordering Mexico. Stretching beyond the horizon are fields of cotton, lush fields of garden vegetables, fragrant acres of citrus, date and grape groves. Because of the many crops to propagate, the bee industry here produces a major portion of the nation's honey.

But there is adventure as well as food. Remnants of the Old West still survive in abandoned ghost towns and gold mines. Travelers and residents are awed year-round by many natural wonders . . . from the sparkling waters of the Salton Sea to the miles of rolling sand dunes and the spectacular multi-colored rocks of the Painted Gorge.

Several hot mineral spas are meccas for those seeking relaxation. Few game spots offer the hunter the scenery and sport found in this County. Dune buggy enthusiasts enjoy the sand dunes for fun and competition. Rock hounds can explore abandoned mines and find semi-precious jewels.

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