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Work, play, and live in an area of untouched, natural beauty, where you can still enjoy a leisure life style. The explorer in you will find endless trails and remote roadways. The boundaries of Lassen County encompass an area the size of the State of Connecticut, with elevations that range from high desert to alpine environments. The tangible assets of the county are evident. The intangible assets of Lassen County are its people whose hearts match its size.

The mild four seasons evoke awe and appreciation of the rich colors of fall, the snow-covered silence of winter, the ever-changing blooms of spring and the endless blue sky and warmth of summer. The climate is generally dry, with warm days and cool nights, with a summer high of 93 and an average winter low of 28.

The County has both a sense of community and the great outdoors.

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    Benefits are established by each County, not by MSS. This information may vary depending on the position being filled and the bargaining agreement that exist in the County.