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Tehama County is "country" all the way. From fishing and hunting, to cowboys and rodeos, to its ice-cream socials and street dances, this is where the "good ol' days" still exist. A County where automobiles still yield for pedestrians and neighbors actually know each other.

Tehama County is a land of variation in topography. The highest point is to the east at 8,200 feet in the Sierra Mountains. The land cascades down the mountainside through rolling foothills, rangeland and to the fertile valley floor at 341 feet above sea level. Then the land pattern rises in a mirror image to the peak of the Coastal Range Mountains at 8,092 feet.

Tehama County offers warm, dry summers, with comfortable nighttime temperatures, mild winters, and an average rainfall of 25 inches annually.

Recreational opportunities include camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, swimming, golfing, bowling, tennis, softball, volleyball, horseshoes, and horseback riding.

Residents entertain themselves through local theatre, concerts, rodeos, festivals, the County fair, parades, dinner/dances, and ice-cream socials.

The current population of Tehama County is 63,057 (2013).

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