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Once the examination process is complete and the examinations are scored, an eligible list containing the names of successful applicants is given to the county. The county handles the hiring of the applicants on the list.

I'm on the what?

  1. All future contact regarding the recruitment will be initiated by the department based on their hiring timeline. Be advised that the department is not required to contact each person on the eligible list before a selection is made. Please allow a minimum of three weeks before following up with the department on the status of the list and hiring process.
  2. Communication from the department may come via United States Postal Service, email, and/or a telephone call. If you do not respond to each inquiry that is made by the department, your name may be removed from the list.
  3. You must advise the department of a change in name, address, telephone number, and/or email address. To update your information with CPS HR, please log in to your online account at and update your profile.
  4. If you would like to have your name removed from an active eligible list, please contact the person on the eligible list letter that was sent to you.