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Positions are classified based on the duties and responsibilities assigned and the qualifications required to do the work. Classification standards play an important role in assuring a sound personnel management program. Associated with some classification series is the practice of flexible staffing. Flexible staffing is a commonly used administrative tool that recognizes positions where the organizational need for assigning work spans more than one classification level. In a flexibly staffed position, an employee may be initially appointed to one classification level (usually the entry level), and then be promoted to the next level (usually the journey level) without a competitive process.

CPS HR has identified some classifications that are flexibly staffed positions within a classification series containing an entry and a journey level position. Flexible staffing gives the county the flexibility to hire employees at the entry level or the journey level depending upon applicant qualifications and staffing needs.

After gaining the experience and knowledge to perform the full range of journey-level tasks and fulfilling any special requirements for the journey level, the employee could reasonably expect to progress to the journey level based upon the judgment of management; however, this is not a guarantee in all cases.

Flexible staffing does not preclude the county from identifying certain positions in the classification that contain primarily routine and repetitive tasks and assigning those positions to the entry level permanently. In these cases, the employee at the entry level could not expect to advance to the journey level while in the assigned position.

To determine if a classification is flexibly staffed, please refer to the class specification page. Click on a classification. The classifications that are flexibly staffed will indicate the following under the “general description” section: In most cases, but not all, positions that are flexibly staffed are classifications with a I or II level.