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The Departments of Social Services in each county provide public assistance, employment services, and protection to needy children and adults.

If you have a heart to help people, this is the place for you. For individuals who want to help children, families, or others in need, CPS HR is your best resource to locate the right position. Submitting an application is the first step towards a valuable and rewarding career as a Social Worker, Eligibility Specialist, Employment and Training Worker, or other rewarding positions.

We offer this additional information in an effort to provide you with a clear understanding of the nature of the jobs and their requirements. Please take the time to review this information prior to submitting an application. Click on a link below for further information regarding the Social Worker and Eligibility Specialist positions.

Social Worker – Performs comprehensive assessments to determine the social, financial, and institutional needs of a client. A Social Worker carries a caseload and assists in the development and implementation of a case plan by establishing on-going therapeutic relationships that involve regular contact and periodic reassessments, mobilization of resources, and advocacy for the client.

Eligibility Specialist - The primary function of an Eligibility Specialist involves determining the eligibility of applicants and recipients for public assistance programs and employment services. The work performed includes processing a broad range of paperwork and entering information into a computer-based eligibility system with very time sensitive agency and legal deadlines. Eligibility Specialists are expected to handle a high volume of work which is deadline driven. Applicants must be able to prioritize, plan, and project their work, but at the same time be flexible to changes at any moment, such as unscheduled visits from clients. It is important to understand that the actions you take as an Eligibility Specialist impact the lives of clients and their families.

To view the full class specification for the Social Worker or Eligibility Specialist, please click here.