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  • Acting as the first contact for individuals seeking public assistance
  • Interviewing applicants and recipients to obtain and verify information needed to determine initial and/or ongoing eligibility for public assistance. This often requires obtaining information in difficult and/or emotional situations on issues such as earnings and financial obligations and/or parental status and living arrangements and maintaining control of the interview if the client becomes hostile or angry over the interview questions.
  • Learning numerous state and federal program regulations and specific county practices through intensive training prior to full case assignment and ongoing training thereafter. The work of an Eligibility Specialist is highly regulation driven with ongoing reliance on regulations.
  • Instructing clients in the completion of various forms and reviewing applications for completeness and consistency.
  • Explaining program benefits, requirements and procedures, including eligibility factors, to public assistance clients.
  • In some cases, visiting clients in their homes for the purpose of obtaining and verifying information.
  • Determining program eligibility in accordance with current regulations using the computer-based eligibility system.
  • Researching questionable information provided by an applicant until satisfactory explanations regarding eligibility status are confirmed.
  • Reporting cases where fraud is suspected.
  • Advising clients of deadlines, timeframes, and necessary actions to be taken.
  • Working with clients who often do not take the necessary actions within the required timeframe.
  • Establishing and maintaining multiple case files through regular updating and review. Documenting all communications and contacts with clients.
  • Planning and organizing a large caseload, ensuring that accuracy levels are maintained and that cases are processed within the specified timeframes set by federal and state regulations.
  • Preparing system generated documents necessary to initiate, continue, and/or modify public assistance.
  • Computing and authorizing grant amounts based on financial and family status. Computing CalWORK’s budgets, Medi-Cal budgets, General Assistance budgets, and Food Stamps in order to calculate grants.
  • Reviewing and explaining to clients public assistance amounts and authorizing payment of monthly benefits.
  • Providing information and making routine referrals to resources available through the County and within the community for clients desiring or needing services. In some cases, Eligibility Specialists also refer clients to and communicate with Social Workers and other staff to coordinate family services.
  • Keeping up to date on changes in rules, laws, procedures, etc. that affect processing timelines.
Note: An Eligibility Specialist’s responsibilities do not include social service casework. An Eligibility Specialist is not responsible for working with clients to attempt to resolve their personal or social problems.

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