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If a written examination is part of the exam process, CPS HR will send you a notification indicating the date, time, location, length of exam, and materials for you to bring to the exam. Please pay close attention to the tentative exam dates on the job bulletin. Late arrivals and other persons not approved for this specific test will not be admitted to the exam room. You MUST bring a government issued identification bearing your photo (ID Card, Driver's License, Passport, etc.) and a No. 2 pencil. Do not bring aids such as dictionaries and calculators. Please dress in layers to be prepared for all climates.

When you take a written examination, you are demonstrating your knowledge, skills, and abilities as they relate to a given job classification. Written examinations are the basis of evaluation of your potential for success on the job.

Currently, CPS HR does not have study aids for written exams. However, CPS HR has been granted permission from Los Angeles County to share written exam information available on their website via the link below. While the sample tests were developed specifically for the County of Los Angeles, the information included is beneficial for all applicants. These guides address subject areas that are commonly assessed on county written employment tests.

Please click on a link below for further information about the written examination process.

Descriptions of Written Examinations

Transferring Written Test Scores/Retest Policy

Special Testing Arrangements

Test Taking Tips for the Written Examination

I received a passing score on the written examination….now what?

I did not receive a passing score on the written examination….now what?